Prices Effective January 1, 2016

Center Console Live Bait Trips for full day, 1 to 3 People $325.00. 4 People $400.00.

Largemouth bass with artificial bait in 20ft bass boat for 8 hours. 1 or 2 people with their tackle $350.00. $50.00 extra if we furnish all rods, reels, lures and tackle.
A deposit of one half is required within 7 days after the trip is booked and confirmed or the date will be opened to the next person who asks for it. Deposits are refundable 7 days prior to the date of the fishing trip or if we have to cancel due to sickness or mechanical problems. We do not cancel if it is only going to rain. Without prior notice anyone who doesn’t show the day of the trip relinquishes their deposit.
Visit www.scfishingreport.com for the latest fishing reports!!

Please call 3 days before the trip for a time and location where we will be meeting. I can’t guarantee the fish will be biting the day we go fishing. If the fish haven’t been biting, I will tell you when you call for the time and location.


Exit 14 on I-85 in South Carolina (Hwy 187) is where you get off. If you are coming in from Atlanta, GA, It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive. Go up the ramp at the exit and turn right at the stop sign. Go one mile to a red light and get over to the right as far as you can at the intersection. Then you can go straight across on to Portman Marina road. Go an 1/8th of a mile, turn right at the guard station and stop. Tell them you are going out with me and pay a parking fee if asked to. Continue straight on and to the right side of some dry storage buildings and come down the hill to the boat ramp. Park anywhere and I will pick you up at the end of the dock that is at the ramp.

If you are coming from Charlotte, NC it is also about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Go up the ramp at exit 14 and turn left at the stop sign. Go one mile to the red light and get over to the right as far as you can at the intersection. (see previous directions from the red light at the top of this column).

We will be fishing with blue-black herring on the live bait trips. It’s very easy fishing since casting is not necessary. Your rod remains in the rod holder until the fish bites. The hybrid bass average is between 3 and 6 lbs, with the lake record just over 20 lbs. The stripers run from 4 to 10 lbs with the lake record at 59.5 lbs, caught in 2003. At Lake Keowee the largemouth and spotted bass run between 1 and 4 lbs with live bait.

Artificial bait fishing for the largemouth and spotted bass at Lake Hartwell or Lake Keowee is a lot tougher.  It’s a lot of work casting and you never know how the fish are going bite that particular day.


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