About Your Guide

I was born and raised on Lake Greenwood where my Dad and Mom operated a fish camp as it was called back then. They had bait and tackle and rental boats and everyone brought their own motors. Dad carried people out fishing during the week, but he stayed at the camp on week-ends to help Mom run the store. I had my own boat with a horse and quarter Elgin outboard at the age of 7 or 8. Dad would tie a life jacket on me backwards and tie it in the back were I couldn’t get it off and tell me to go fishing on my own and he would come find me later in the day. That wouldn’t go over to well today. I had the best teacher, as far as fishing, anyone one could ever have. He could catch a fish in a mud hole. He was the best. So all I have ever known is fishing.

I have been married 39 years and have a son 33. I have been guiding full time for 32 years and have met a lot of people. Some have become very close friends. The kind you can depend on. I’ve done TV shows with Bill Dance, Orlando Wilson, Monty McGuffin and Rick Freeman. A lot of famous people have been in the boat over the years and clients from all over the world.

When you have a job that you love and enjoy doing, it’s not a job. I hope I can continue to guide and meet new people for many years to come. If I re-tire, I would have to buy Four New Michelins.

Buster Green


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